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Rock N Rose - The right flower crown for a wedding 1
Cambridge Meadow Crown

Flower crowns are making a comeback at weddings this year.
 It seems like everyone has an opinion about flower crowns these days. So… I hope you don’t mind if I share mine? Well, quite simply: I. Love. Them. When executed correctly, flower crowns add the perfect romantic bohemian touch to any outfit. But if that outfit happens to be a wedding dress? Head. Over. Heels. LA-based hair and makeup artist, Karolina Bernat, shares with us a new and innovative way to wear a flower crown for this year’s wedding season. Check it out below!

Step 1: Before applying your flower crown make sure to give yourself a somewhat exaggerated part. Whether you part on the left side or right, go over a bit farther than you normally would. I suggest at least a one inch exaggeration. You’ll thank me later.


Rock N Rose - The right flower crown for a wedding 2

Step 2: Place your flower crown about an 1 1/2 to 2 inches away from your hairline with the ribbon-side towards the front . Depending on your crown you might have to make it sit a tad askew which I think looks the best and quite dreamy. Make sure that when you place the crown on your head, that the fit is somewhat snug. Not too tight that you are not able to tuck hair into it, but snug enough that it’s not floating on your head.


Rock N Rose - The right flower crown for a wedding 3

Step 3: How to cover the ribbon sitting right on top of your head: Start by grabbing 1/2 – 1 inch sections from the hair part. Take the section up, over, and under the ribbon. So if you part on the left you will take those pieces over towards the right. And if you part on the right side of the head, move over to the left. The key is to keep wrapping the hair like this till your ribbon is disguised. I suggest that your tension gets tighter the closer you get to the end, so that you have volume up top but a tighter, closer finish. You can always go back in and pull/tug on pieces to either add more volume in your wrap around or simply to help additionally disguise the ribbon. For extra security of holding your crown and and keeping some hair in place, use some French pins for a softer-looking hold, or Bobby pins for a firm hold.


Rock N Rose - The right flower crown for a wedding 4

Thank you Karolina! Follow her on Instagram and check out her website.

This post was originally written by Joanna Rentz for the Free People blog. Follow Joanna on Instagram.


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