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We are constantly researching and sourcing sustainable materials for both our product and packaging and we are focussed on improving and simplifying our supply chain as our sources grow.


Our postal packaging is 100% plastic free. Our postal boxes are made from unbleached cardboard and the tape used to seal our boxes is made from unbleached paper. The filler material used to protect your order is made from unbleached kraft paper. We also include real dried flowers in your order. All of this is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and/or compostable.

Our returns forms and printed postcards are printed on recycled paper. Printed postcards are designed to be kept or reused and all are fully recyclable.

Our jewellery packaging is 100% plastic free. Jewellery boxes are made entirely of cardboard and paper and our jewellery pouches are natural cotton and/or silk. Our jewellery boxes and pouches are designed to be reused and to protect your jewellery, but they are also fully recyclable.



As a small business, we are growing and learning fast and are constantly making changes to ensure we are using the most sustainable production methods available to us.

The majority of our headwear is handmade in our UK-based studio and offices where we operate a friendly, respectful and relaxed environment and believe in treating our staff and manufacturers well.

All of our products are manufactured in very small batches which means we produce very little waste or unsaleable product. We keep our collections small and won't manufacture new product for the sake of it. Any unsold or faulty product is returned to our manufacturer for the raw materials to be reused.

We do our utmost to ensure that the products we manufacture come from trusted and ethical suppliers.

Our gemstones come from workshops and factories that our suppliers have visited and audited, and we are confident that the people employed are treated well and fairly for the different countries they are based.

We have long-standing relationships with the factories and suppliers we use and have received assurances that they treat their workers fairly – providing a safe workplace and a fair wage. Any new factories or suppliers we work with are asked that they provide the relevant certification and photographic proof of their work sites, if the sites cannot be visited in person. If we become aware of a factory or supplier embracing any unsavoury practices, we will discontinue any work with them.


Exclusive Vintage Jewellery

Our collection of solid gold pre-loved rings is our ultimate approach to sustainability. These beautiful vintage jewels are already in circulation meaning no new diamonds, gemstones or gold has been mined.